Sturgis Rally Department Launches Overhauled Website

Publish Date: 
Feb 16, 2008

THE STURGIS RALLY Department has finished its website makeover. The new Sturgis Rally site went live in January and will focus on ease of use to access lots of information.

After listening to months of feedback it was clear people wanted a site that was more user friendly and more informative, and a little more interesting, said Rally director Pepper Massey. The new site needed to reflect that level of passion and Massey thinks that has been accomplished.

But the site is a work in progress, she says. "We're still listening and getting input from our viewers. If something isn't working, we'll change it." Content will be added on a weekly, sometimes daily basis to include news items and event information.

Also new, a Rally Blog. Massey will begin her journal in March and be joined by guest bloggers David Boone, Sturgis City Manager, and Dave Nichols, Easyriders/V-Twin Magazine. "We all have a story about how the Rally has changed us and how it continues to impact our lives," said Massey. "Part of the reason people love coming to Sturgis is because it is such a profoundly personal journey, and we are each affected by something different, the people, the raw beauty of the land, the riding, the history. We want to tell those stories."