Sucker Punch Sally's Teams up with Hot Rod Artist Sara Ray

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ — Sucker Punch Sally's and hardcore artist Sara Ray are teaming up to bring you 10 brand new custom bikes hand painted by Sara Ray. Christian Clayton of Sucker Punch Sally's met Sara Ray at a Barret-Jackson auction, and found that they had many similar interests. Both of Clayton's grandfathers were WWII bomber pilots and Sara Ray will trade her art for just about anything to do with WWII. Together they collaborated and found the best way to combine their talents to benefit others: custom Sucker Punch Sally's bikes with original designs painted by Sara Ray. "She is in the art world what we are in the chopper scene," SPS General Manager Clayton said.

The first bike, named "Veni Vidi Vici," has already been completed and sold, and Sara Ray used actual airplane paint taken from an air hanger where B17s and B24s are housed, flown and restored. It is army green with black smudges to give that old, faded look. The gas tank comes with a pin-up girl wearing stars and stripes panties and holding a missile on top, and a WWII-style missile face with menacing teeth on the front. The fender displays a bald eagle complete with arrows, olive branch and banner, as well as a few intentional scratches for the antique look.

"The art was painted with hand brushes in the same techniques done by the flyboys in the field, some of the surviving vets passed on their methods used back then to apply the girls to the planes, and I eagerly continue their tradition," Sara Ray said. "I sanded and wore down the green paint by hand, down to its oxide base, as any well worn vehicle should have its battle scars."

She has followed up that original paint job with completed bikes that have been built for her sheet metal that bare names such as "Bombs Away," "Death Head," "Fortune Favors the Bold" and "Saint Mike." These are all custom one-off paint jobs that have over 100 hours per bike. Wait to see some of the other bikes she is painting currently.

These are limited edition bikes that are available to consumers. If you are interested in owning one, contact Sucker Punch Sally's at: (480) 778-9500.

Sara Ray specializes in Hot Rods, Pin ups, Rockabilly posters, nose art and World War II scenes. You