Sudco: Flat-slide carbs great for 4-stroke bikes, quads

Publish Date: 
Nov 1, 2012

COMPTON, Calif. - Sudco International has assembled a lineup of easy bolt-on Keihin FCR 41mm performance carburetor kits for popular-model Japanese and European dirtbikes, streetbikes, and ATV single and twin cylinder machines.

According to Sudco, the Keihins are the leading carbs in 4-stroke racing because of performance gains received through precise metering, high-flowing flat-slide throttle design and an adjustable accelerator pump.

The Sudco Keihin FCR kit include a pre-jetted Keihin FCR41 Carb, plus the necessary push/pull throttle cables and a push-pull throttle assembly if needed. The carb is ready to bolt-on to the bike's stock airbox and intake manifold, or the necessary adapters are also included. These kits are said to work well in all applications, from trail and street riding to all-out racing.

Posted by Dennis Johnson