Sudco, Mikuni keep carbs going strong

Publish Date: 
Jul 7, 2013
By Bruce Steever

WHEN FUEL injection first started to appear on motorcycles, the various systems were coarse and many riders bemoaned the death of the carburetor.

Of course, EFI is so refined today that nobody seems to mind the fact that carbs have all but disappeared.

But for riders looking for the smooth power and performance options that only certain carburetors can bring to their bikes, the options are still out there.

For Triumph owners looking to add performance and a measure of mechanical honesty. Sudco ( offers a specific dual Keihin FCR39 Carburetor Kit ($1,023.75) for 2001 and later Bonnevilles and Thruxtons. Designed for maximum performance, the kit is pre-jetted for the Triumph twin (complete with proper throttle cable mounting) and is designed to be run either open or with the included K&N pod air filters.

For American V-twin riders, Mikuni ( now offers a large bore HSR48 48mm smoothbore carburetor for high-performance engines. Similar to the existing 42mm and 45mm options, the HSR48 is designed to give increased tunability to maximize output while still offering a package that is capable of providing reliable throttle response and performance.