Sullivans Acquires Joe Rocket, Power Trip, and Rapid Transit

Sullivans Inc. has acquired Joe Rocket, Power Trip and Rapid Transit from longtime business partner Robison's Inc.

The integration of Sullivans Inc. and Robison's Inc. represents more than 40 years of product development expertise, distribution and sales, now fully united under one banner. "From our core network of specialized manufacturers, designers and engineers, to our equally specialized sales force, marketing, and distribution resources, all assets are focused on one simple goal, to make it easier for you to get the sought after products your customers want, season after season, sale after sale," Sullivans wrote in a press release.

“I am proud to take the next step with my business partner of the last 8 years Randy Robison," stated company founder Robert Sullivan. "Robison’s Inc., has established itself as the industry leader in apparel design and has revolutionized motorcycle apparel time and time again with the introduction of innovative and exclusive patented features on jackets, pants, and gloves.”

Randy Robison, President of Robison’s Inc added; “I am excited to be able to focus on the development and the manufacturing of our product. Working with Bobby Sullivan, and V.P. Derrick Welch has been the best part of my business for the last eight years, and with the merger of these two companies, all strengths are brought to the forefront."

In addition to the acquisition and securing of Robison's/Joe Rocket's extensive patent portfolio, which will include the introduction of the NanoTech system this fall, this merger also represents a significant evolution in the marketing of the Joe Rocket, Power Trip, and Rapid Transit brands.

"While product development continues to be guided by founding Joe Rocket designer Marc Bay and his industry leading design team, marketing has been absorbed by Sullivans Inc.," added Steve Blakeney, Sullivans' marketing director. "The resulting integration effectively creates an environment for uninterrupted feedback between retailer and manufacturer. As a result, this streamlined system will ensure a level of market relevant product development and marketing this industry has never seen."