Suomy USA Ceases Operations

Suomy USA has ceased operation and no longer represents Suomy Spa, Suomy Helmets or its distributors, effective immediately.

"The fifth consecutive year of a very weak dollar and a slumping economy have worked against us, and while I have made significant personal sacrifices to keep the doors open hoping things would turn around, I'm simply not in a position to carry on," says Rick Marlin, director of Suomy USA.

Marlin first imported Suomy Helmets into the U.S. in 1998 through Gearbox International, then a completely unknown brand in the U.S.

"We are proud of our accomplishments with Suomy — our mission was to position the brand as a relevant competitor to Shoei and Arai's best, and establish a national distribution network," Marlin says. "With Suomy Helmets being the no. 1 performing helmet in a well known national Helmet Satisfaction study 5 years in a row, and establishing national distribution partners such as Parts Unlimited, Van Leeuwen Enterprises and Romaha Importer and Distributors, we can leave knowing we attained those goals and more."

Suomy helmets will continue to be made available and serviced in the USA directly from its distribution partners. However, according to Marlin, Suomy USA will no longer be responsible for customer service, warranty, product support, sales training, sponsorships or anything associated with Suomy helmets whatsoever.

Marlin is continuing in his role as director of Modern World Ventures, a firm specializing in optical insert technologies, and as director of Maric Group, a consulting firm providing services for overseas helmet manufacturers seeking assistance with sales training, brand development, distribution and marketing.