Super-bright LED headlamp, signal, light kit offers simplified installation

Publish Date: 
Dec 6, 2013
By Dave Koshollek

WHITTIER, Calif. - Rivera Primo Inc. has developed a 7-inch round LED headlamp with integrated super-bright LED turn signals and running lights.

Rivera Primo started life under Mel Magnet's guidance as Rivera Engineering in 1973. Mel added Primo Belt Drives into the fold in 1977. After nearly 35 years living life under two banners, the two companies were merged together under one name.

The company's new HedLED Phase II 7” LED Headlamp incorporates channeled reflector technology that uses machined "channels" to focus the reflected light from the high-definition reflector onto the road ahead without causing inordinate glare. LED technology reportedly reduces heat and current draw, compared to incandescent headlamps.

The EU-approved headlamp package is competitively priced at $282.57 MSRP.

Vehicle Fitment: Motorcycles currently using a round 7-inch headlamp

Dealer Margin: 30 percent

Warranty: 12 months from date of purchase

Installation: Simplified, because the high/low headlamp is plug and play. Turn signals and running lights require splicing into vehicle harness, according to Ben Kudon, executive director of the company.

Distributors: Biker's Choice, Drag Specialties, Mid-USA, Parts Unlimited, Tedd's V-Twin Tucker Rocky

Press image courtesy Rivera Primo Inc.