SuperTrapp debuts pipes for large ATVs, older bikes...and just for looks

Publish Date: 
Oct 7, 2013
By Bruce Steever

CLEVELAND, Ohio - SuperTrapp has been busy, forging out new exhausts for a variety of applications in an effort to make sure every rider considers the 42-year-old exhaust manufacturer for their next performance upgrade.

Up first is the MudSlinger series (starting at $410) bolt-on pipe specifically designed for large displacement ATVs. While still completely rebuildable for servicing, the MudSlinger features a conventional low-restriction core compared to SuperTrapp’s usual disc-based baffle. Durable enough to handle the sticks, stones, bad words and other abuse typically dished out by hard off-road riding, the MudSlinger is also designed to work in concert the matching MudSlinger Deep Water Snorkel Kit on select models.

Up next are a pair of universal muffler designs ideal for older bikes, custom application and similar platforms that can fall through the cracks in the applications catalog.

Both exhausts feature SuperTrapp’s disc-based tunable baffle system, which also serves as a U.S. Forestry Service-approved spark arrestor on the S/C Elite.

The 3M Steel Dirtbike exhaust (starting at only $78.80) is a three-inch tunable muffler fit for both two- and four-stroke engines. The S/C Elite (starting at $393.00) is a more advanced pipe, featuring a tapered body and a variety of available lengths and diameters.

Finally, the last SuperTrapp exhaust in the news isn’t even an exhaust. The SuperTrapp Imposter Pipe ($530.00) does exactly what it says on the box: It is a dummy muffler specifically built for customers looking to re-establish symmetry on their customized 1985-2013 H-D bagger.

After installing a SuperTrapp two-into-one full system, the left-side pipe area is left empty, which this Imposter pipe fixes with a complete left exhaust that bolts up to the stock brackets. Available in black or chrome, the Imposter even includes the correct heat shield for the perfect look.