Surprise City Council votes $15,000 marketing funds for Speedworld and Lucas Oil event

Publish Date: 
Feb 22, 2011

The City Council in Surprise, Ariz., is ponying up $15,000 from the city’s tourism fund to help market East Valley Tribune. He told the newspaper attendance has been dwindling at Speedworld and races are moving to other Phoenix-area venues.

“The more attractive we make it, the more likely the events stay,” Matthews says.

The city’s $15,000 buys the right to dictate what type of coverage will be shown in 50 Speedworld advertisements to air on Speed, Versus, Spike, TNT and ESPN 2 channels. They will be shown locally, in Nevada and southern California, highlighting Surprise.

Some of the funds will also go toward dedicated television time for helicopters to capture aerial views of Surprise; advertisements in industry magazines showcasing Surprise as an elite destination; and promoting upcoming Surprise events on the racetrack Jumbotron.

Posted by Holly Wagner