Suzuki debuts RM-Z450, returns 250, 85 models to 2015 lineup

Publish Date: 
May 16, 2014

BREA, Calif. – Suzuki Motor of America Inc. (SMAI) today introduced the 2015 Suzuki RM-Z450 and announced the return of the Suzuki RM85 as well as the RM-Z250.
All three models are eligible for Suzuki contingency. Dealers will receive the models in July, the OEM said. 

The new RM-Z450 incorporates Suzuki's Holeshot Assist Control technology, giving racers "a distinct advantage every time the gate drops, no matter the surface," the OEM said.

"By selecting the Holeshot Assist Control’s A Mode, RM-Z450 riders will have enhanced traction and less wheel slip on hard-packed or slippery conditions. In B Mode, the RM-Z450 provides a more aggressive launch when gate conditions provide more traction. In either mode, Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control is programmed with specific commands that return ignition timing to normal operation and let riders power into and through the first turn. Riders engage Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control from a button on the left-side handlebar, and can shut the system off, too."
To help riders with control of track and trail beyond the starting gate, the new RM-Z450 features the Showa SFF Air Fork which will deliver more progressive suspension feel and offer "infinite adjustability" in a package that’s nearly 2.5 lbs. lighter than the conventional spring fork, Suzuki said. Adjustments to the SFF-Air fork can be made easily with use of a handheld pump.
Suzuki engineers redesigned a number of components – including a longer kickstart lever, revised kick-gear ratios, updated de-compression system, a redesigned exhaust camshaft and more – to make the 2015 RM-Z450 easier to start, saving time and energy for riding. The RM-Z450 features a 16 percent more efficient cooling system, with fluids traveling more effectively between right and left radiator halves, plus an updated water-pump cover and revised hose connection directing coolant directly into the water-pump.
The RM-Z450 also features:

  • Precision gear matching for improved shifting feel,
  • A revised exhaust muffler to meet strict AMA sound regulations, and
  • Redesigned frame members for a 4 percent weight reduction and balanced rigidity.

The RM-Z450 still features key components such as Suzuki Fuel Injection with two additional plug-in fuel couplers feeding a 449cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with dual overhead cams, as well as the comfort, confidence and control of Renthal FatBars, Excel aluminum rims, and waved disc rotors.
The 2015 RM-Z250 returns with a lightweight 249cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine for mid-range and top-end power, Suzuki fuel-injection technology and the choice of two additional EFI couplers that can be plugged in trackside without tools.
Like the 450, the RM-Z250 also features Suzuki Fuel Injection with two additional plug-in fuel couplers feeding a 249cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with dual overhead cams, plus Renthal FatBars, Excel aluminum rims, and waved disc rotors.
The Suzuki RM85 for 2015 features a liquid-cooled, two-stroke engine and six-speed transmission for "superb" throttle response and smooth overall delivery, Suzuki said. It includes disc brakes front and rear. A 17-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear keep this bike sized right for young riders, Suzuki noted.

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