Suzuki to Expand Scooter Selection

Publish Date: 
Aug 25, 2008

HEY SUZUKI DEALERS, waiting for the OEM to offer a selection of smaller displacement scooters to complement the 400 and 650 Burgmans?

In the United States, Suzuki offers the Burgman 400 ($5,949), Burgman 650 ($7,899), and Burgman 650 Executive ($8,999). Missing from U.S. dealerships? The SIXteen 125 and 150, Address 125, and Burgman 125, 200 and 250.

"We are planning to bring some of those smaller scooter models in (to the U.S.)," says American Suzuki's Glenn Hansen. "We're working behind the scenes with government relations regarding all of the emissions and safety issues that come with bringing a new bike from another country into the U.S., and we're hoping that can all be resolved as quickly as possible."

Suzuki plans to introduce its 2009 model line-up at its dealer meeting in Las Vegas in late September.

The SIXteen 125 is among six small displacement scooters Suzuki offers in Europe. Could it be coming to the U.S.?