Suzuki Still Staying Away From SxS Vehicles

When Suzuki held its dealer meeting in late September, one of the glaring omissions to the new product line-up was the lack of a side-by-side vehicle. Why?

"We've been looking at that product line for a long time, and there's a number of reasons why we don't have one yet," says Glenn Hansen, advertising and marketing manager. "We look at which product to deliver - the utility direction that Honda has taken with their Big Red, or the sport direction that Yamaha has taken. They both have issues, and both directions make us question which one is right and whether we should invest what is necessary to deliver that product. So, those questions have yet to be answered."

So it's obvious dealers shouldn't expect to have a Suzuki side-by-side on showroom floors next year. Is there a timeline as to when Suzuki may want to offer such a unit? "There are no guarantees we'll have one at all," Hansen says.

Suzuki did offer a side-by-side model a few years ago, during the company's short-lived partnership with Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Basically a re-badged Kawasaki Mule, the 2005 QUV 620 Automatic 4x4 carried an MSRP of $8,799. It disappeared again for the 2006 model year.