Suzuki Wholesales 24 Percent Fewer Units

From April 1 through September, Suzuki Motor Corp. sold roughly 67,000 motorcycles and ATVs to its two distributors in North America. This is a decrease of 24 percent compared to the same period last year. These figures come from a financial report Suzuki Japan released Oct. 31 (talk about a good scare for Halloween).

Suzuki also sold fewer motorcycles and ATVs to Europe. But it sold enough units to Asia for an overall increase during the period. Suzuki sold 1.9 million units altogether.

Monetarily, however, the segments still faltered. Net sales worldwide from bikes and ATVs decreased from 292.4 billion yen to 282.9 billion yen during the period. Operating income from the segments slid from 12.1 billion yen to 6.1 billion yen, due mainly to decreased sales in North America and poor foreign exchange rates, the report says.

Operating income for the entire company was down 23 percent.

Earlier this year Suzuki dealers told Dealernews that allocations of certain models had been cut by about 40 percent. At the dealer meeting in October, Suzuki told the assembled dealers that the Suzuki factory in Japan had become “conservative” in the past year, cutting shipments to protect against massive dealer inventories.