Swedish-style chopper frames offer four different rides

Publish Date: 
Apr 10, 2013

PAUGHCO'S STRAIGHT LEG Swedish-Style chopper frames come in four different configurations, including one that the company says provides "an awesome, almost power steering-like feel in the front end."

The four sizes include: One with 4 in. over down tubes with a 2 in. extended backbone; another with a 6 in. down tubes with a 3 in. backbone; a model with 8 in. down tubes and a 4 in. backbone; and one with 10 in. over down tubes and a 5 in. backbone.

The frames are also available in stock and ultra-wide versions to accept up to 180 tires with a belt drive. The configuration that reportedly offers great steering is a frame with a 45-degree neck rake, used with the company's 6-degree billet triple trees.

Posted by Dennis Johnson