Syracuse Shop Races To Save Inventory and More


Shop owner Anthony Tartaro is digging out from a roof collapse at the building that housed not only his shop but his home as well.

The roof of the four-story building collapsed under heavy snow Feb. 26, making it so unstable the state red-tagged it and closed Route 81 in front of it to traffic.

As Tartaro works with dozens of volunteers to get things out of the shop, customers are concerned that their vehicles might get bulldozed with the building, which Tartaro owns.

"That's the hardest part about this I don't know anything and the City doesn't know anything because it's been turned over to the state," he says.

Dozens of people are helping move everything Tartaro owns out of his repair shop on North State Street and into a truck.

"If I just shove everything in a tractor-trailer or something and move it all one place. I won't be able to sort it out," Tartaro told CNY Central.

The volunteers are friends, or just bikers, helping to load inventory onto a truck before seeping water ruins the stock of parts. After that, nobody’s really sure where they will end up.

Posted by Holly Wagner