Systematyx takes powersports dealers beyond 'cookie-cutter' websites


We originally brought you news on what Systematyx was capable of last summer when we reported that Team Yoshimura was launching a unique training and education program.

Since then, we've caught up with Dave Waugh, head of business development and sales for Systematyx, to discuss some of the services that his company offers for dealers trying to differentiate themselves -- in terms of both online footprint and competitive selling. Waugh is a former sales manager and long-term veteran of the dealership environment, and he has seen what does and does not work in the field.

In a sea of cookie-cutter powersports websites, a Systematyx website offers a unique look and feel from the moment it appears on screen. An excellent example is the website for San Diego's Fun Bike Center (see photo), which gives visitors the ability to pan the camera around the showroom.


Dealernews: What is Systematyx in a nutshell?

Waugh: We are a group of individuals that develop and deliver custom solutions to common problems in the powersports field. Most importantly, we offer trade area exclusivity to our business partners such that their competition becomes our competition. Most, if not all, of the service providers we encounter structure platforms to work for the provider; we structure our platforms to work for the user.

At our core, we suffer performance anxiety and become obsessed when trying to resolve a problem or a challenge. It is easy to say, as many do, that we understand because we've come out of the trenches, too; but understanding a problem does not mean you understand a solution. Most of the complex problems and challenges we face have simple solutions. Understanding real human needs [must] come first if we expect to deliver results. So, whether we are building a custom training platform, developing a CRM tool or structuring a website, we work to put people first and technology second.


DN: Besides the unique look, what sets a Systematyx dealer website apart from competitors?

Waugh: One, trade area exclusivity. If we partner with a dealer's crosstown rival, whom exactly are we serving first? In whose best interest do we base our business model? What is our motive when we offer our services? We avoid those issues by maintaining our dealer's exclusive area.

Two, there is no shared database on a Systematyx platform. Each site we activate is a standalone platform with its own content that enables a dealer to truly have control of the message and image they convey in cyberspace. This offers additional flexibility, as a dealer can update and modify content without having to rely on us to get it done.

And finally, we believe in people first. We know that how a website works for humans should be the first [concern], and once a consumer lands on a Systematyx site they will feel that there is something different about this dealer. That curiosity is easily converted to a contact lead.


DN: You've mentioned that Systematyx is not looking for just any dealer, but "partner dealers" that understand the tools and can make the most of them. What kind of dealer is this, and how many have you found?

Waugh: We believe that in any trade area, the market will be what the market will be, and as such, it is out of our control. What we can do is work with a dealer to increase his or her share of that market. If a dealer wants to extend their reach and increase the market share their store represents, we offer a very effective tool they can use to achieve that mission.

Our best candidate is a dealer that has worked hard to improve their website's performance and is not satisfied with the results. If they feel that there should be a better return on their investment, it is because they are correct. We would suggest that in some cases the hosting fees they are paying might be the most expensive bill they pay each month in terms of cost versus benefit.

If a dealer is suffering from performance anxiety in cyberspace, then we should talk. We are not the solution for a dealer trying to conduct more online P&A business, but we might be the solution for a dealer wanting to see more boots in the door, boots that have [ ridden] further to get there. Our product is about major unit sales as the primary focus and as a result, it isn't best suited for someone wanting to sell more widgets online.

At this stage we represent or are working with a small handful of dealers around the country, and the growth curve we expect is limited. As we invest a lot of time coming up to speed with each dealer we represent, we have to be realistic and conservative with our expansion plans, as we are determined to maintain quality.


DN: Tell us about this new customer relationship management toolset you are working on, and what it will mean for sales staff.

Waugh: Power Log Pro. This is a lead management tool that was developed for sales staff and managers. This platform is easy to use and manage. If a CRM tool does not work for a dealer's crew, it will not work for the dealer or [its] customers. If you can read the gauges in a dashboard, you can use Power Log Pro. Information and data is so intuitive that activating staff members is a breeze.

We have also incorporated an inventory management component that makes this critical manager's function easier than ever before. If a dealer has struggled getting employees to use a CRM tool in the past, this just may work where others have failed for them.