Taking Power From the Dirt to the Street

Long a player in the off-road market with its two-stroke intake technology, Boyesen Engineering makes its entrance in the V-twin world with the Power X-Wing for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Dealers who perform instore upgrades may be interested in the X-Wing, which the company says increases power and torque by straightening airflow into the carburetor or throttle body throat. The extra velocity and reduced air turbulence offer more precise fuel control and optimized air/fuel mixture.

Tested on all Harley-Davidson's stock engines, Boyesen says dyno testing shows gains of 3 to 5hp. Available for fuel-injected and carbureted bikes, the Power X-Wing comes with a money back guarantee.

Boyesen will unveil the product in February at its booth (L-10) at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati.