TEAM, Brammo combine to make drivetrains

Publish Date: 
Jul 8, 2014

TEAM Industries, a market leader in drivetrain technology, and Brammo Inc., a leading electric vehicle technology company, have entered into a strategic partnership to design drivetrains for Brammo's products, like the Empulse.

As part of this partnership, TEAM Industries will become an investor in Brammo Inc. The amount of investment was undisclosed.

"The electric vehicle market is a growth market, and TEAM and Brammo will be providing a wide range of solutions for OEM manufacturers,” said David Ricke, TEAM’s president and CEO. “Brammo has developed motorcycle championship-winning EV technology, and we will be partnering with them to bring this technology to adjacent markets.”

Brammo has also gotten investment capital from Polaris, and appears to be moving toward an initial public offering within the next one to three years.

From a news release