Technology defines new NiTEK Helmets from H&H Sports Protection USA

Publish Date: 
Feb 15, 2013

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. -- Two new NiTEK helmets are taking center stage at H & H Sports Protection USA, booth #1211, thanks to their innovative designs.

The NiTEK Interceptor full-face helmet features the first completely flush face shield on a production helmet, while the Diamond is a modular full-face helmet that converts to an open face design.

The Interceptor’s flush face shield is mounted to a spring-loaded cam system, allowing the shield to open by sliding forward and up. When the shield is closed, the springs automatically pull it flush against the shell of the helmet. Other features of the Interceptor include a fiberglass composite shell and a CoolMax liner. Pricing for the NiTEK Interceptor begins at $299 for solid colors and $339 for graphics.

H & H Sports Protection USA is also showcasing the Diamond, which converts from a full-face modular to an open-face helmet. Both variations utilize the same face shield, and there is a tinted drop-down shield for added visibility. A notable feature of the Diamond is the Adjustable Flow Separator venting on the rear spoiler. When a rider reaches about 60mph, two spring-loaded exhaust vent panels open for better aerodynamics. The NiTEK Diamond retails from $499 for solid colors to $529 for graphics. -- Beth Dolgner