Tecmate Launches Three Products


Ontario-based TecMate North America this weekend launched three new products at Booth 1916: The AccuMate 612 mini battery charger, the IgnitionMate DUO troubleshooting tool, and the OptiMate 4 desulfater-charger.

The AccuMate 612 (retail: $38.90) is an automatic 900mAmp charger for both 6- and 12-volt lead-acid batteries, including standard filter caps, sealed (MF) maintenance-free units and GEL batteries. It's ideal, according to TecMate sales and marketing director Mike Cooper, for maintaining batteries of vehicles that are used only seasonally or are in storage for any length of time. Its three-step program charges the battery with 0,9A current, and keeps it fully charged when not in active use without risk of overcharging. The unit includes an auto-resetting thermal fuse switch that prevents the charger's output circuit from exceeding a safe temperature.

The IgnitionMate DUO (retail: $404.90) is a portable problem-solving tool for technicians that provides real-time comparisons of the same type of ignition signal on two cylinders with the engine being cranked or running. It's suitable when troubleshooting twin-cylinder motorcycles, but it's also possible to use the tool to compare signals on cylinders of two different engines.

Finally, the OptiMate 4 (retail: $69.90) is a weatherproof desulfater-charger and tester for STD, AGM/VRLA and GEL 12-volt lead-acid batteries. It saves neglected deep-discharged SLA batteries when other chargers can't, according to Cooper.