Tennessee BMW, Ducati dealership adds Triumph

Publish Date: 
Apr 4, 2013

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Three years after opening as a BMW and Ducati dealer, Pandora's European Motorsports is adding Triumph to its marques. 

Owner Justin Prann is building a new showroom for the Triumphs near his existing leased store. The new site is a $500,000 renovation on a former Copper Kettle restaurant, and the size of the property will let him add separate buildings for his BMW and Ducati franchises so eventually he can move the whole business to the new lot.

But customers are in no mood to wait: Prann told the Times Free Press he’s already sold two Triumphs, and the new store isn’t eve open yet.

"We've got 11 of them in there already, and we sold two over the weekend without even having a sign up or the building painted," Prann said. "All we had were concrete floors, no displays, no T-shirts, just the motorcycles, and 50 people rolled in and out."

Prann plans to add a pavilion in front of the property and other entertainment facilities, while keeping parking for hundreds of bikes.

The store reportedly does a healthy business in BMW and Ducati parts; Prann said he expects the online business to grow 30 percent with the addition of Triumph parts.

Posted by Holly Wagner