Terry Taylor arrested again, feds tipped off by Polaris dealer

Publish Date: 
Jun 2, 2006

TERRY TAYLOR was arrested today by FBI agents in North Carolina for a parole violation after a Polaris dealer had been tipped off by a story in Dealernews and reported Taylor to local authorities.

Taylor was released from prison May 5 after spending five years in federal custody for a wire fraud conviction. Taylor had been convicted in federal court of bilking hundreds of motorcycle dealers and other small businesses of more than $2 million, selling bogus television advertising spots. As a condition of his parole, Taylor was prohibited from working in the media industry.

The Dealernews article, “Tale of a Flim-Flam Man,” was published in the June 2006 issue of Dealernews. Look for updates on Taylor’s capture and latest charges in the July issue of Dealernews and at www.dealernews.com.