unveils newest three-wheeled scooter

admin Corp., maker of the The Auto Moto three-wheeled tilting scooter with a roof, has come out with a roofless version: The Auto Moto Sport. The unit is at dealerships now and will be on display at next month’s Dealer Expo.

The Auto Moto Sport comes standard with a removable top case with built-in backrest, an alarm system and an FM radio with MP3 connection. MSRP is $3,800, and the scooter is available in red, orange, silver white and black.

The Sport and classic versions of The Auto Moto have the same primary 150cc drive train that puts power evenly to both rear wheels via their three-piece cast-aluminum rear end with a built-in limited-slip differential. has been distributing the roofed version to U.S. dealers since 2008. The company says the new model is geared toward a younger generation of riders looking for “a more sporty and maneuverable ride.”

“We’ve learned that the demographic for our enclosed scooter has primarily attracted riders 35 years and above,” Guy Cohen, VP of operations for Corp., says in a press release. “We’ve designed our new Sport model to appeal to a younger generation of riders, and our initial testing has confirmed that they like it.” says the Sport units have been in development since 2008 and were cleared for mass production in October 2010. The new units started arriving at dealer showrooms in December. A newly revamped two-year warranty with roadside assistance is due to launch next month.

Posted by Arlo Redwine