Three Wheels, Side-by-Side Seating

Publish Date: 
Oct 7, 2008
By Arlo Redwine

John Yeager is owner of ScootCity Customs in Las Vegas. He has a rental fleet of 15 P50 models. Not only does his company send people up and down the Strip, it also hosts tours at a local national park. In addition, the company sells customized ScootCoupes, including "wrapped" ones that act as business advertising.

"We're happy so far," says Yeager, who's been in business for a little over a year. He calls the ScootCoupe "a pretty reliable little machine."

How hard is it to maintain the vehicles? "You definitely have your maintenance," Yeager says, "but as long as you stay on top of it, it's not too terribly bad." He says the current mileage on his vehicles range from 300 miles to 5,000 miles. He cites what he calls the normal wear and tear of clutches and belts, as well as the normal replacement of light bulbs.

He adds: "The only issue we've had is with the rentals — the throttles seem to be an issue with people. ... Other than that, there really isn't a whole lot."

Yeager says parts availability has been excellent.

Future Plans
Livoti says Panther Motors is almost finished with an electric ScooteCoupe, as well as a 500cc commuter vehicle with a retractable top. The company also certified the two-stroke P49 with the EPA, so it will return next year.

This fall, Livoti is starting high-tech tours of St. Augustine and Key West. A GPS navigation system within each ScootCoupe will give customers visual directions and audible directions through either a Bluetooth-enabled headset or the vehicle's speakers. The GPS system automatically triggers MP3 recordings that describe each stop of the tour.

Livoti anticipates interest from other rental companies. "We've been getting enquiries heavily in Europe," he adds. European Union officials are testing the ScootCoupes now, and Livoti expects to have a certificate within a month.

"We can offer them a complete solution, which includes the navigation and the tour production," Livoti says.