Tiny parts is big business for Absolute Powersports

Publish Date: 
Jun 20, 2013

SCAPPOOSE, Ore. – Many retailers look to complimentary business lines to bolster the bottom line. For Darrel Farmer, the trick was downsizing parts. Not the department -- the actual parts.

Farmer, owner of Absolute Powersports, has started carrying parts for radio controlled (RC) cars.

“I’d break a $2 part and have to go to Beaverton to get a new one,” Farmer said.

He wasn’t the only one. Now in addition to motorcycle and ATV service and parts, he sells RC car parts to supply 20 or 30 local RC devotees and anyone else who’s interested.

“If there was another hobby dealer in town, I probably wouldn’t have done it,” Farmer told the St. Helens Chronicle. He devoted one wall in the store to RC parts and keeps a few complete vehicles in stock. He estimates he’s sold 40 or 50 cars since he started carrying RC gear in October. From November to February, the RC portion of his operations accounted for half of his business.

Posted by Holly Wagner