Titan sets dealer meeting Dec. 9-15


Titan Motorcycle Co. will unveil its new 2012 models at its annual Kickstart dealer and distributor conference Dec. 9-15 at its facility in Phoenix.

The company said it expects more than 30 of the world’s largest dealerships and distributors to attend.

The company said it is running its business based on the Inventory on Demand methodology. Much like the "Just in Time" manufacturing method of the 1980s, Inventory on Demand requires Titan to be able to build as many units as needed but never straddle itself with un-needed stock.

Dealers order new models based on market response and work directly with the manufacturer on promoting new sales, and developing new aftersales and service programs.

The company said it has revamped and streamlined its build structure to bring per-unit cost down, and management claims those savings will be passed on to dealers and distributors. The new line reportedly has reduced MSRP upwards of 30 percent.

All components are still built in North America and final assembly is done at the company’s plant in Phoenix, the company stated.

The company added that it expects to be at market peak numbers by mid- to late 2012, and has advised most of its client base to solidify as many dealer/distributor licenses and unit-built purchase orders as possible this month so they can be held in priority sequence at the start of 2012.

Attendees at the conference will be the first to see the new lineup; they also will be the first dealers and distributors to be authorized to commit to purchase orders for the 2012 lineup.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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