Tompkins Tomcar to expand into 14 states

Publish Date: 
Aug 11, 2014

SAN MARCOS, Texas – Tompkins Tomcar, a dealer and distributor of Tomcar ATVs and UTVs, is relocating its headquarters from Andrews, Texas to Dripping Springs. The company said it plans to expand into 14 states over the next five years.

Along with an initial capital investment projected at $200,000, the ATV dealer anticipates hiring eight to 10 employees with an average salary of $108,000 per year, and has promised additional annual investments in equipment and technology.

The new 13,000 sq. ft. headquarters will include warehouse and office space, a retail showroom and an outdoor demonstration and testing facility for customers. Tompkins Tomcar plans to expand into 14 additional states in the next five years, with its headquarters remaining in Dripping Springs.

Greater San Marcos Partnership provided the company with site selection and regional business information services, lending to the decision to move its headquarters to Dripping Springs.

“Texas is the largest ATV/UTV market in the country,” said Sven Hallermann, general manager of Tompkins Tomcar. “When it came time to relocate our headquarters, the central location was key.

"Dripping Springs was an obvious choice because of its proximity to our customer base,” Hallermann added.

Dripping Springs in in northern Hays County, serving as the gateway to the scenic Texas Hill Country, about 50 minutes from San Marcos.

Tomcar vehicles are manufactured in Phoenix, Ariz., by Tomcar USA LLC.

From a press release