Tools and shop equipment


Portable parts cleaner

The five-gallon Oil Eater Table-Top Parts Cleaner measures 13 inches wide, 14 inches long and 5.5 inches deep. The water-soluble Oil Eater solution flows through the integral cleaning brush, reportedly making clean-up easy. A removable lid keeps the plastic tank clean when not in use. The pump resists corrosion and has an on/off switch. The unit comes ready to use with one gallon of Oil Eater Original cleaner-degreaser.

Contact: Kafko International Ltd., 800-528-0334,

James Bond Meets Motorcycle Tech

Jims’ VO Scope Tool (No.783) is an auto-focus video camera that can be pushed into holes as small as 0.245 of an inch in diameter. A high-resolution image is projected on a 2.5-inch color monitor. Technicians can use the tool, for example, to check inside cylinders through a spark plug hole. The camera tube has a 24-inch-long fluid-proof shaft, high-output LED illumination with dimming control, a mirror to see 90 degrees, and a magnet for picking up steel parts weighing less than a quarter-pound.

Contact: Jims, 805-482-6913,

Dishing Hubs Made Easy

The Park Tool WAG-4 Wheel Alignment Gauge lets a wheel builder measure to see if the hub is centered or “dished” in the middle of a rim. An aluminum channel with sliding composite rim blocks are compatible with wheels sized from 12 to 25 inches. The gauge is made in the U.S. and retails for $44.50.

Contact: Park Tool Co., 888.568.4959,

This story originally appeared in the Dealernews May 2010 issue.