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Jan 20, 2013

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This directory of providers is a service from Dealernews; information is sourced from the 2013 Dealernews Sourcebook. Full contact information for the companies listed in these sections is available in the December 2012 edition of Dealernews (print and e-zine). 

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The following companies have indicated that they carry and/or distribute TIRE and/or WHEEL BALANCING EQUIPMENT to North American powersports dealers:

Bike It International Ltd

Biker’s Choice

Black Bike

Carlson Co (The)

D&M Custom Cycle

Dirt Freak Co

Drag Specialties

HMC Industries


K&L Supply Co

KK Motorcycle Supply

Les Distributions BSL

Modern Tire Co

Motion Pro

Parts Unlimited

Pit Posse Motorsports

ProBike Ltd

Python Exhaust

Ride-on Tire Protection System

RLM Distribution


Tedd Cycle / V-Twin Manufacturing

World Of Powersports

WPS/Western Power Sports