Top 100 2010 Best Theme: Strokers Dallas


Best Theme

Rick Fairless Strokers Dallas

2-time winner

Owner: Rick Fairless

Location: Dallas, Texas

Store size: 30,000 sq. ft.

Vehicle brands: Big Dog, Brass Balls Bobbers, Victory, Viper Motorcycles

Bikes, babes and beer? ’60s tie-dye? Or maybe this dealership’s theme is its dual nature. “I wanted to make Strokers Dallas the coolest bike shop you’ve ever seen,” Rick Fairless says. “I hung pictures everywhere, painted psychedelic stuff on the ceilings and hung neon beer signs all over the place. In Strokers IceHouse, I hung pictures and motorcycle stuff everywhere. I tried to blur the lines. Is it a motorcycle shop that sells beer, or a beer joint that sells motorcycles? It’s both!”