Top 100 2011: Best Store Theme


Best Store Theme
Bayside Harley-Davidson 5-time winner

Owner: Maurice Slaughter
Location: Portsmouth, Va.
Store size: 36,000 sq. ft.
Vehicle brand: Harley-Davidson

Located in the world’s largest concentration of military installations, this store honors the armed services. As customers enter, they’re welcomed aboard the USS Bayside. Features include a second-floor catwalk reminiscent of an aircraft carrier bridge wing, watertight doors, port and starboard running lights, and a lifeboat on the sales floor serving as the sales manager’s desk. Rooms and offices are named after shipboard places. Hanging just outside the finance office is a brass ship’s bell that’s rung by every new owner. Life-size photos of scenes such as a sailor returning home adorn the walls, and displayed throughout the store are scale models of aircraft carriers and submarines.

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