Total Power Sports: It's All About Relationships


Total Power Sports of Gaylord, Texas, is having a banner year by appealing to cost-conscious riders.

“We specialize in noncurrent-year and used models. With this tough economy, people are looking for a great value for their dollars. We’re selling more than ever before. This has actually been a banner year for us. It’s crazy,” co-owner Jeanne Audette-Jones told the Herald-Times.

The store carries minis, bikes and ATVs from Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, Piaggio and other OEMs as well as PG&A, but Jones says the business is all about relationships.

“Our niche is our relationship with our customers. We have over 5,000 in our customer database. People just enjoy doing business here,” Jones says. “We have ‘customers’ who never buy a thing; they just like to come in here because the atmosphere is so friendly and fun. We’re very, very customer focused. That’s the difference.”

The store sponsors events and racers throughout the year -- snowmobile events, motocross and dirt bike races, and other events. Store personnel also keep up good relationships with local competitors Extreme Power Sports and The Sled Shed, which will join Total Power Sports, Mega Powersports and other local businesses this Saturday in sponsoring the Chris Hasty Memorial Snowmobile Benefit Ride, with all proceeds going to the Georgia Hasty (Chris Hasty’s daughter) College Fund.

Participants may register at Total Power Sports on the day of the ride, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. Contact for more details.

Posted by Holly Wagner