TouchUpDirect water-based paint offers greener alternative

Publish Date: 
Oct 29, 2013
By Bruce Steever

RESEDA, Calif. - While most states don’t have to worry quite yet, the toxic urethane-based paints traditionally used in the powersports industry are on lawmakers’ radars. 

At the county level on both coasts, especially in California and New Jersey, restrictions and bans are being enacted on urethane paints to reduce volatile chemical emissions. 

TouchUpDirect provides OEM-matched colors riders are looking for, supplied by environmentally responsible water-based paints and motorcycle-savvy customer support.

Across the pond, urethane paints have been banned across Europe for more than a decade according to Lonnie Trujillo, sales manager at TouchUpDirect. “Urethane is being outlawed, we’re just ahead of the curve,” explained Trujillo. “It’s the right direction, too. At the end of the day, water-based paint is easier to use, it’s easier to store — it doesn’t separate, for example — and its more responsible, a ‘greener’ option.”

By working directly with OEMs, TouchUpDirect reportedly can guarantee its colors will match 100 percent of the time, on pain of a full refund.

Trujillo is also a rider, as are many of the staff in the Reseda, Cali.-based office. “We really go after the motorcycle market,” he said. “We know the paint, and we know the bikes. We know the difference between Monster Red and Panigale Red, for example.”

To make use of TouchUpDirect’s knowledge and products, dealers need only call and get their information into the ordering system. Of course, TouchUpDirect is also ready for dealers looking to keep common colors in stock, with POP displays and literature, but Trujillo recommends that dealers simply call for a sample touch-up kit to get a feel for the product first.