TR Focus: How to Best Serve Dealers in Changing Market

Tucker Rocky Distributing President/COO Steve Johnson says the nation’s second-largest parts, garments and accessories distributor understands the issues dealers are faced with and is striving to better serve its customers by placing an emphasis on supplying product that align with new consumer trends.

DEALERNEWS: What is TR’s main goal for 2009?
Steve Johnson:What is important to me is that we continue to examine ways to better serve our dealer base.

DN: How does TR plan to address those topics/concerns?
Johnson:Our job is to have the inventory when a dealer needs it and to show dealers the product that has demand and that can be sold to improve the profitability of their retail operation.

DN: What kind of programs does TR have to aid dealers in moving product? Do those come from TR or the vendor company?
Johnson:Probably the best support we can give dealers is to be a part of their training system – helping train the people in the dealerships on how to represent and sell the product. We have added more sales specialists to focus on rep and dealer training, and we will continue to look for opportunities to improve sales training. We also depend very heavily on our manufacturers to provide training to our rep force and the dealers.

DN: What do you hear as the major topics/concerns for dealers?
Johnson:Most [dealers] are trying to find a balance between how much product they inventory and have available versus the risk and cost. There is always a fine line between being fiscally responsible and leaning out inventory too much to where a dealer sends his business to a competitor. I think that most dealers are trying to find this balance.

DN: How does TR plan to overcome that barrier?
Johnson:Bottom line: We must be a student of our industry – continuously looking at where change is being made – and we must be nimble and flexible to respond to the changes we see coming.