Traffic Log Pro co-creator joins More Than Rewards

Publish Date: 
Feb 25, 2013

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Traffic Log Pro co-creator Tad Kilgore has joined More Than Rewards as the company’s contact center director.

He will oversee a new service, Contact Central, which offer dealers pre- and post-sales customer followup by phone, dealer mentoring and the company’s

Also joining the effort is Shawn Roberts, former director of training at Traffic Log Pro.

“We definitely will have something different to offer over other dealer call centers,” Kilgore said. “Contact Central will not just focus on measuring the satisfaction of recent customer purchases, but also help increase customer loyalty and quality inbound leads.”

Contract Central customers reportedly will have access to, which will integrate data into the call center in real time.

More Than Rewards announced it is offering 25 percent off the call center pricing to dealers who sign up by April 30.

Posted by Holly Wagner