Traffic Log Pro links F&I with dealer's CRM system


Traffic Log Pro users soon will be able to sell F&I products directly from the CRM system thanks to a new one-click integration with VisionMenu’s MenuPro platform.

F&I sales and compliance programs come standard with MenuPro, giving dealerships the appropriate training to deliver the products to motorcycle owners.

According to Traffic Log Pro, dealerships will be able to sell more service contracts, GAP insurance and other aftermarket F&I products. Information about these products can be accessed directly in the pre-populated F&I menus within Traffic Log Pro. Dealers can also access customized worksheets to help customers estimate payments for traditional financing, promotional financing or cash purchases.

“Dealerships are busy enough, so the integration between Traffic Log Pro and MenuPro decreases the amount of time they have to switch between two platforms,” said Kelvin Stroud, director of dealer development tools of Traffic Log Pro. “Sales managers will be able to quickly provide F&I options to buyers during the closing process.”

Dealerships that attend Traffic Log Pro’s next webinar on Tuesday, April 19, can take advantage of Traffic Log Pro’s introductory offer of MenuPro for $99 per month. Contact Traffic Log Pro’s sales specialists via e-mail at to register for the webinar.

Traffic Log Pro is a division of Dominion Powersports Solutions, a company that also owns PowerSports Network, and DMS provider ZiiOs.

Posted by Arlo Redwine

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