Treechopper turns landscape management into an ATV sport

Publish Date: 
Apr 1, 2004
By Mary Green Slepicka

LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT and powersports have finally merged into a device that lets property owners and managers clip unwanted arbors in record time (and have a lot of fun while doing so).

The Treechopper, which is manufactured by ATV-X, Inc.,  and distributed through Tucker Rocky, attaches to an ATV and lets the user cut down trees up to 4 inches in diameter.

The Treechopper uses the ATV as its workhorse and fits most four-wheelers 400cc and larger, according to Steven Scott, general manager of ATV-X.

Before you wonder whether this is a new extreme sport for clear-cutters, consider that in many rural areas of the country unwanted tree overgrowth is causing a variety of problems for farmers and ranchers. In Texas and Oklahoma ranchers have been working to eliminate overgrowth of cedars while preserving hardwood trees to, among other things, conserve water.

"A 6-foot cedar tree soaks up 32 gallons of water a day," explains Scott. Cedar overgrowth, he maintains, is causing a water shortage in many counties in the Southwest.

In the West, Northeast and Northwest, juniper and conifer tree overgrowth is causing similar water shortage problems. These trees are growing in terrains that may be too unstable or narrow for a bulldozer or other vehicle. Thus, the challenge is to trim away the water-guzzling trees without harming the hardwood trees and other plantlife to be preserved.

The Treechopper also can be used by forestry services for thinning overgrowth or dead trees. Scott says he's fielding calls from Southern California forestry officials interested in using the Treechopper for post-fire cleanup.

The Treechopper is basically a V-shaped unit that houses a series of circular blades that rotate and cut a tree upon impact. The unit relies solely on the forward movement of the ATV to charge through the trunk. The flexible steel blades cut so close to the ground that, Scott says, you can mow the location right after decapitating the tree.

The unit retails at $1,199.99 with a 30 percent dealer margin. Once the order is placed through Tucker Rocky, the Treechopper drop-ships from ATV-X's warehouse in Colorado.  We recommend you get the free informational video.