Trike Wars


BRP and Piaggio are trying to sell consumers on the benefits of having two wheels in the front and a single drive wheel in the rear. But they're only two of several companies now operating in the trike market. (See Big Twin Dealer inserted after page 112 for updates on a V-twin three-wheeler.)

Take the Cirbin (yes, Cirbin). The makers of the Cirbin V-13R say their vehicle is designed to be fun, stylish and performance-driven. Particular attention has been paid to the driving position, steering geometry and centralized weight distribution. It also has to be affordable. Powered by Harley's V-Rod engine mated to a five-speed sequential transmission, the V13R is now listed in the 2008 edition of the Kelley Blue Book and comes with a VIN and Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin. It also features a 12-month, 10,000-mile limited warranty.

The Canadian company is in its second round of funding and is seeking potential investors, according to Andre Morissette, Cirbin co-founder (along with David Neault). They're now looking for a dealer base, although Morissette says the liquid-cooled 60-degree H-D Revolution V-twin engine should be able to be serviced at any Harley dealer. The company plans to offer free telephone support and replacement part availability.

Then there's T-Rex (see photo above). Developed in 1994 by Campagna Corp. of Quebec and available for nearly a decade, the vehicle is outfitted with a 1400cc Kawasaki engine and a six-speed close-ratio gearbox. It can achieve 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds, according to the makers, climb to a top speed of 130 mph and carry lateral acceleration of 1.3g. The 2007 model is retailing at $49,999 to start.

What's new with T-Rex is its owner: Ray Georges Chehata, who purchased the company last year. "It is our goal to bring this company and the product to the level that it deserves to be at," he says. He hopes that T-Rex fans will remain "patient during this transition phase."

The T-Rex is being sold through Aquasun Motorsports (New Smyrna Beach, Fla.), DGY Motorsports (Downers Grove, Ill.), Grand Prix Motoring (Houston, Texas), Big Kid Toys (Napa, Calif.), TWG Motorsports (Denver) and Integrated Innovations (Simi Valley, Calif.). — Guido Ebert