Triple S Harley-Davidson complex to include gas station, hotel

Publish Date: 
Jan 3, 2013

MORGANTOWN, W.V. – Triple-S Harley-Davidson has broken ground on a new store and business complex, expected to be open by July 1.

The project will eventually include several restaurants, a hotel, and a gas station.

"We named the project Gateway because it's the first exit in West Virginia and it's the gateway to our state and the gateway to our community in Morgantown," dealer principal Cliff Sutherland told WBOY. "That's why we called it the Gateway and it's been a four-year project. There's over a hundred parcels that had to be purchased and put together. It's been quite the adventure."

By this time next year, Sutherland hopes the complex will include at least seven or eight new businesses.

Posted by Holly Wagner