Triumph and McQueen ad stars in Newsweek retro issue

Publish Date: 
Mar 20, 2012

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Newsweek magazine takes a trip in the Wayback Machine this week with its retro-themed issue inspired by the return of Mad Men to AMC.

As part of the throwback issue, the magazine features a number of ads harkening back to the aesthetic championed by Don Draper and company. Brands like Allstate, Lincoln, Spam, Tide and Johnnie Walker all take a trip back, but the standout (in our book) is the Triumph Bonneville ad featuring Steve McQueen.

It looks like a two-page spread ad from Doe Anderson with an image of the Bonneville and of McQueen with the copy, "The bike every bad boy should own."

Take a look at the piece over at Ad Age, where the publication is holding an online contest where folks can vote for their favorite ad in the retro issue. Click this link to the Ad Age page for a slideshow of the ads and to vote on your pick.

At last glance, Triumph was winning with the majority of the vote. That said, we really do dig the Spam ad, too.

Posted by Dennis Johnson