Triumph updates Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler for 2014

Publish Date: 
Oct 2, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

ATLANTA, Ga. – Triumph’s 2014 lineup will include updated versions of the Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler, with a focus on new color options and revised exhaust systems.

Bonneville ($7,899): The 865cc Bonneville has redesigned silencers with the aim of producing better sound. The seat, which sits at 29 inches high, has been updated with a contrasting vinyl exterior filled with improved filler material for a more comfortable ride. The black grab rail is now standard on all models, too.

Some of the small updates to the Bonneville include an upgrade from the tank decal to a badge, black oil cooler lines and machined cooling fin details on the engine barrel block and cylinder head.

Bonneville T100 ($9,199): The most notable change to the Bonneville T100 is the addition of two new paint schemes — Crystal White and Aurum Gold — that evoke the spirit of the 1964 Bonneville. Like the Bonneville, the T100 has an updated exhaust and cooling fin detail. The now-standard grab rail is chrome, as is the chain guard.

Bonneville T100 Black ($8,899): The Bonneville T100 Black has a Jet Black color scheme along with black rims, hubs, handlebars, RSU springs, mudguard stays, mirrors and grab rail.

Bonneville Special Edition ($9,799): The limited-run Bonneville Special Edition has a nod to the past with some retro styling touches and paint schemes inspired by the 1982 T140w TSS, one of the last Triumph models manufactured in their Meriden, England, factory.

Jet Black and Lunar Silver are the two available paint schemes for the Special Edition. Details include a chrome grab rail, black mirrors and a brushed finish on the clutch, sprocket, alternator and cam covers.

The Bonneville Special Edition will be available in dealerships beginning in January 2014.

Thruxton ($9,099): The Thruxton’s biggest update for 2014 is revised megaphone silencers, designed — like the Bonneville — to have a different sound. The same cooling fin details are there, too, as well as black oil cooler lines.

A chrome chain guard, color-matched fly screen with center stripe detail and seat cowl are all standard equipment beginning with the 2014 model.

Scrambler ($9,099): The Scrambler is also getting the blacked-out treatment with black oil cooler lines, handlebars, rims, hubs and rear master cylinder reservoir cover. Like the Bonneville, the seat has been redesigned as well.

Media images courtesy of Triumph.