Tucker Rocky Dealer Show: New off-road P&A fills the halls

Publish Date: 
Jul 25, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

FRISCO, Texas - A good proportion of the 170 vendors that exhibited at last weekend’s Tucker Rocky Dealer Show had new products for dirtbikes, ATVs and side-by-sides. Below is a sampling of the dirt products that were on display. (To read about the street products, click here.)

Arrowhead has introduced a new line of ATV and UTV cooling fan assemblies. An Arrowhead booth rep said that the brand is now in all of Tucker Rocky’s catalogs. The company’s main products are starters, repair kits, and alternators. Arrowhead is also supplier to QuadBoss of CV boots and U-joints.

The new Big Gun EXO Series exhaust system for side-by-sides and large sport quads is the company’s “ground-up approach at building an exhaust that could handle the huge demands of the larger, more powerful motors.” The EXO Series’ hexagon-shaped aluminum muffler and stainless steel coned inlet allow for greater volume, the company said, reducing sound and decreasing heat. A removable screen-type spark arrestor comes included. The suggested retail was yet to be determined when we talked to the company at the Tucker Rocky show.

Brite-Lites was introducing at the show its Xtreme Off-Road LED lineup consisting of wide selection of products, including double-row light bars, single-row light bars, spot lights, and driving/fog light pairs. All are equipped with LEDs and cast aluminum housings that reportedly resist the mud, water and heat.

Camoplast has improved its UTV track carriage for 2014, though it will also continue to offer the 2013 model. The changes, which increase the load capacity of the carriage, are in response to the OEMs’ coming out with heavier vehicles with increased carrying capacities. The new carriage has three bearings instead of two and now has an oil-bath cavity instead of a dry one. New casting has increased the surface welding area on the carriage. The carriage’s tires are denser and have a new tread pattern. The torsional damper is reportedly five times stronger, and a new fitting allows the user to lube the axle.

The new UTV track system retails for $4,999, while the previous version sells for $4,599. New for all Camoplast systems: The anti-rotation stabilizer rods now come pre-adjusted at the factory, reducing dealer installation time by 50 percent.

CST’s new motocross tires are the 21-inch Legion MX-VI CM702 front and the 19-inch Legion MX-VI CM703 rear. The company claims the tires have “an innovative tread pattern designed for dominance on the motocross battlefield. Long, varied tread pitches ensure that the tire hooks up in the variety of soil conditions found on a typical intermediate MX track.”

Center tread knobs on the rear tire claw forward and clean out, while more tightly spaced shoulder knobs provide a stable platform for traction when leaned over. Shoulder knobs on the front deliver extreme braking traction and control into and around corners. Retail prices are about $100 for the rear and about $75 for the front.

After never doing so before, Cycra now makes a full range of plastic for Kawasaki dirtbikes. The Kawasaki line includes stadium number plates, side number plates, front and rear fenders, Powerflow intake radiator shrouds, and performance fork guards.

Cycra also upgraded its Moto Stand with a stiffer top and a new replaceable rubber mat with recessed screw heads. Available colors are KTM orange, KX green, CR red, YZ blue, RM yellow and black, along with four special-edition colors.

SV America, a holding company that also owns CV4, bought Cycra this past spring. Glen Laivins, who co-founded Cycra in 1985, said the acquisition will provided the company with more funding and better inventory control, logistics, manufacturing, infrastructure and design.

Coming from DOWCO for the fall is the Guardian Trailerable Ratchet Fastening ATV Cover. As its name implies, a ratchet system integrated into the cover along the perimeter provides a secure fit while trailering.

The polyester cover features closeable access slots for trailer tie-downs, and is lockable to deter theft or tampering. The cover will come in three different sizes: 81.5 inches by 45 inches by 35.75 inches ($189.99 retail), 86.75 inches by 50 inches by 37.75 inches ($194.99 retail) and 93.25 inches by 50 inches by 40.75 inches ($199.99 retail).

Dunlop this year was displaying both a new dirtbike tires and a new street tire. The Geomax AT81 and Geomax AT81 Desert RC off-road tires replace the D952 and D739. Dunlop claims the new tires “offer more all-around performance plus higher levels of ruggedness for off-road racing and riding.” The Geomax AT81 rear tire carcass features two nylon plies; the AT81 Desert RC incorporates four nylon plies.

New from EBC are its CX Extreme motocross rotors contoured for lighter weight, better braking and self-cleaning. They are made from heat-treated stainless steel in the U.K.

Duro has been with Tucker Rocky since only mid-2012. Its new line of utility tires is its DI-K Series, which includes a large number of models and sizes. Duro actually used to manufacture the same tires for Dunlop’s KT Series (which was original equipment on models and sold on the aftermarket). When Dunlop discontinued that line, Duro decided to sell its own. 

Other new Duro utility tires include the Dl2036 Kaden, which is OE on select Arctic Cat Wildcat UTVs, and the 6-ply DI2037 Frontier, the front tread of which was designed for pavement, hard back and loose-on-hard terrain. (continued)