Tucker Rocky to favor e-media, video over print marketing

Tucker Rocky Distributing is shifting marketing efforts from print advertising to digital marketing and will boost its digital-based training efforts for its dealers, the company’s top executive said Monday.

The Fort Worth-based distributor has cut back on its B2B print advertising campaigns and created a full-time videographer position in an effort to expand its video production facilities to produce product-oriented videos for dealers and consumers. Chris Gomersall has been named staff videographer; he had been doing video work for the company on a part-time basis.

TR’s commitment to video also is reflected in the construction of an expanded video studio that’s equipped with a variety of digital recording and editing equipment.

As Dealernews reported previously, Steve Johnson, TR president and COO, believes that Internet-based digital communications is more cost-effective in providing product information to dealers and consumers, that it’s more quantifiable, and that it’s more effective in stimulating consumer-purchasing decisions.

 “Obviously, we’ve scaled back on B2B advertising,” says Johnson. “We’re trying to figure out what’s the most effective way to communicate. We had to get the money (for video operations) from somewhere, so we took it from print advertising. We think (video) is much more effective, whether it’s training our reps and dealers or getting (product information) out to consumers.”

At the same time, digital communications are more trackable than print advertising, says Johnson. “Absolutely. When I send out an email, I know exactly who opens it; we have click-throughs. I know what’s working. With print, I know nothing. With e-mail, I get instant feedback. I see what people are interested in, what they’re looking at. It’s a lot more quantitative,” he says.

“I’m not saying that the pretty ad in a magazine picturing a motorcycle going down the winding road is dead, but I’m not sure that’s the call to action that gets people to spend money. I think it’s relevant content that people are looking for.”

Even though Tucker is increasing its digital efforts to reach consumers, Johnson said, the company has no plans to sell consumer-direct. “We’re not selling direct to consumers,” says Johnson, “we’re basically targeting both consumers and dealers. Hopefully, we’ll help dealers be more informed at the same time we help consumers make better buying decisions.”

According to Johnson, in June Gomersall and a team of TR product people will begin shooting about two dozen product videos on location near Fort Worth. The videos will be distributed to dealers and presented to consumers through outlets such as YouTube and Tucker Rocky TV (www.tuckerrocky.tv).