Tucker Rocky Picks Up BST Carbon Fiber Wheels


Tucker Rocky now distributes BlackStone Tek (BST) carbon fiber wheels for Japanese sportbikes.

Brock’s Performance is the exclusive U.S. importer of the high-end wheels made in South Africa. “This strategic alliance will enable us to provide BST products in a timely manner with the highest level of dealer and customer support,” Brock Davidson, Brock’s Performance president, stated in a press release. “Because Brock’s is also an official BST service and repair center, we will also expedite the handling of warranty issues, returns and exchanges, so selling and owning BST wheels will be a seamless affair.”

Brock’s Performance says BST wheels endow sportbikes with lighter handling, enable faster acceleration and promote quicker braking by weighing up to 60 percent less than their OEM counterparts, reducing unsprung mass and gyroscopic effects in cornering. This equates to stronger street performance and quicker lap times at the track, the company says.

All BST wheels are constructed in a one-piece, monocoque design and use carbon fiber strands woven in a unidirectional format, embedded in a resin matrix, cured in a high-pressure autoclave at 250 degrees and coated with a high-gloss finish. The completed wheels carry a limited, two-year warranty.

BST wheels sold by Tucker Rocky come upgraded from Brock's Performance with Worldwide ceramic bearings, low-tension seals and aerospace lube.

Proven internationally at every level of FIM Grand Prix competition, BST wheels are DOT-legal for street use and have been approved to compete in America’s top roadracing and dragracing organizations, according to Brock’s.

Posted by Arlo Redwine