Tucker Rocky Show: Distributor acquires T-Bags

Publish Date: 
Jul 29, 2012

FORT WORTH, Texas - Many dealers attending the Tucker Rocky Dealer Show here may be surprised to learn that the distributor has acquired luggage brand T-Bags.

Terry Lovett (shown right, instructing TR reps at the event) founded T-Bags out of his garage in 1990 and will continue to manage the brand out of the company’s office in Irvine, Calif.

Lovett’s longtime right-hand man, Nick Lazarescu, stays on at T-Bags, only now as a Tucker Rocky employee.

The decision to sell T-Bags was made last spring for financial reasons, according to Lazarescu. Right before the recession, T-Bags had produced a large quantity of high-end luggage items. “They were a little high on the pricing but were in demand,” Lazarescu explained. “The economy dropped. They didn’t sell anymore. We got stuck with some inventory. That was just part of it. It was one of those perfect storms.”

Lazarescu is optimistic about the brand’s future with Tucker Rocky. “Almost 23 years for a small business is a very good run. Luckily we are going to continue. I’m really happy,” he said.

Is T-Bags’ founder heartbroken about losing ownership? “Nah, I don’t have that kind of ego invested in this thing,” Lovett said. “My ego is invested in making it as good as I can for Tucker now. That’s really what it’s about for me. I wouldn’t do any less for them than I would do for myself.”

T-Bags is also distributed by LeMans (Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties). Lazarescu said that LeMans accepted Tucker Rocky’s offer to continue distributing the brand.

“I don’t see that the cooperation will hurt anybody,” he said. “LeMans obviously has a good feeling about T-Bags. They’ve been selling well, and they’ve been selling it for all these years. They didn’t want to stop doing that. Why would they?”

Lovett said he was pleasantly surprised by the distributors’ decisions. “Parts has got a great pipeline. Tucker has got a great pipeline. They both do great jobs,” he said.

T-Bags now offers nearly 40 luggage items. It sells items for both Harleys and metric bikes, but the V-twin side accounts for about 75 percent of sales. “We’re going to have to reassess this year some of the products,” Lazarescu said. “We might have a couple of them discontinued.”

T-Bags will help Tucker Rocky expand further into the V-Twin market, and the distributor will help T-Bags expand further into the metric market, Lazarescu added.

Lovett told Dealernews T-Bags soon will be expanding into the adventure-touring market.

T-Bags was displaying four new products at the dealer show here in Fort Worth. The most notable may be the Crosscountry (shown above, closed and opened), a sissy-bar-mounted bag with an integrated roll bag on top. Side pockets are big enough for an iPad, and there is a computer sleeve within. Detachable backpack straps make touting the bag off the bike easier. MSRP is $299.95.

The Crosscountry is available now, as is the high-end Office Bag with a reversible front panel to transform it into a conservative-looking briefcase. It retails for $196.95.

Coming in about a month is the Decker II, made to fit into the Harley-Davidson Premium Tour Pack Rack. T-Bags has added orange stitching to the bag to give it some pizzazz. The bag features a zippered top that’s expandable by 3 inches. It also has bungee loops all around its bottom for easier mounting. Other features include a back pocket, large side pockets, a full front organizer, and a four-point carrying handle. Suggested retail is $247.95.

All T-Bags luggage is constructed of 1680-denier ballistic nylon treated to inhibit fading in the sun. All the items’ zippers are made by TKK.

Also upcoming are Saddlebag Caps made of synthetic leather to match a Harley’s leather saddles and backrests. The covers are thermoformed, meaning no stretching is required to put them on. Velcro straps ensure they don’t fly off. Protecting paint is the caps’ purpose. They will be sold in pairs for $128.95.


Posted by Arlo Redwine