Tucker Rocky Show: Electrical products light up show floor

Publish Date: 
Jul 31, 2012

FORT WORTH, Texas - LED lights, accent lighting and gadgets were fully represented at this past weekend’s Tucker Rocky Dealer Show.

In addition to lighting products, GoPro was displaying its latest camera accessories, and more than one company offered a mount or carrying case for the world’s most popular action-sport camera.

Below is a sampling of the electrical products we saw during the show.

Athena is supplier of the wireless GET C1 engine hour meter. The Italian company claims to make the only meter that works without any electrical connection to the motorcycle. The device mounts to the motorcycle using double-sided tape. The meter detects the engine by interpreting and identifying the wave frequencies that flow through the surface on which it is mounted. The C1 is waterproof and has two engine hour meters. One logs the total running time and is not resettable. The other is a partial engine hour meter that can be reset by pressing a button in a certain way. MSRP is $69.95.

The Remote Control Color-Changing LED Strip Kit made by Brite-Lites includes thin flexible LED strips and a thin remote control with which to make them change colors. Users can choose any primary color or variations in between. They also can change the intensity, run programs (like flash, strobe or “fade from color to color”) and adjust the speed of blink, or just keep one color glowing. The strips attach with 3M two-way adhesive and work with any 12-volt charging system. Kits come with six strips of various lengths, along with all the hardware for a typical installation. Extra pieces and accessories to customize and use on 110-volt applications are also available. POP packaging explains everything. MSRP is $175.

Firstgear has redesigned its Heated Jacket Liners with a new carbon filament that heats more quickly. Also, the 90-watt liners are now waterproof. They are manufactured by Warm & Safe Heated Gear, which partnered with Firstgear three years ago. The liners are compatible with all Firstgear Heat-Trollers.

GoPro was at the show demonstrating its new Wi-Fi BacPac, an accessory that hooks up to the the company’s HDHero or HDHero2 camera to make it Wi-Fi-enabled so that it can communicate with the user's other wireless devices. The Wi-Fi BacPac retails for $59.99. For another $40, customers can have both the BacPac and a little remote control that can control up to 50 cameras at a time. These products will become even cooler in late August or early September, when GoPro plans to offer iPhone and Android apps that will transform smartphones into real-time camera viewfinders. 

GoPro also offers a new 2-foot-wide free-standing display for dealers ordering eight 1080p Hero2 cameras plus 25 qualifying accessories. The display includes a 19-inch monitor designed to play a promotional video lasting roughly 10 minutes. The display holds six cameras with locks, and has nine peg hooks for accessories.

Tucker Rocky has been carrying Noco Genius battery chargers since June 2011. The Noco G4 is a seven-step, automatic charger and maintainer with four independent battery banks. The charger allows different battery sizes, voltages (6 and 12) and chemistries to be charged at the same time. MSRP is $234.95. “We originally made the charger for dealers, but we’ve had an overwhelming amount of consumer interest that we didn’t expect,” said Noco’s Luke Case.

The PIAA 1100LED fits into the same mounting locations and on the same brackets as its predecessor, the 1100X. The 1100LED features three 4-watt LEDs, a 4 mm lens and computer-controlled Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) for thermal protection. Die-cast aluminum housing includes cooling fins. Light output of the 1100LED is similar to the 1100X, giving off a symmetrical pattern so a rider won’t lose visibility when leaning into a turn. A kit including two lights and a harness retails for $395.

Also new from PIAA is the LP 530 3.5-inch fog and driving lamps with reflector-facing LED bulbs and a reflector to provide precise beam control and increased output compared with ordinary halogen bulbs. The LED bulbs are more durable than halogen bulbs, provide more output and consume far less power. The driving version retails for $324.95, the fog version for $314.95.

UTV dealers will be interested in PIAA’s big LP 570 7-inch LED Long Range driving lights. Reflector-facing LEDs project off of a multi-surface reflector. The entire system draws only 46 watts. The $549 kit includes two lamps, mounting brackets and a wiring harness.

Rivero Primo said that due to popular demand for its HedLED headlight systems, it decided to create the Alien Black headlight (named after the movie character due to its shape). The Alien Black uses the same body used on Rivero Primo’s RFB headlight but with a less -expensive 55/60-watt halogen light. Also like the RFB, the body has LEDs around the bezel but instead of chrome, Rivero Primo gloss black-powder-coated the body and matte-black-powder-coated the bezel to create a contrast. A double O-ring keeps out water. (Story continues; click below)