Tucker Rocky Show: Electrical products light up show floor

Publish Date: 
Jul 31, 2012

Also new from Rivero Primo is the Flamethrower Max. It uses the same chrome body and halogen light as the brand’s MightyMax headlight, but also incorporates an amber halo into the halogen. Rivero Primo headlights retail for $200 and under.

One of Seizmik’s latest products for side-by-sides is the Strap Light cab light that can be mounted where needed. The light has five 1-watt LED lights and a burn time of seven hours. The beams travel 150 feet. The product is packaged in a clear clamshell showing the product, a picture of the product, and the batteries that come included. Suggested retail is $39.

StreetFX’s ElectroPods Flex Pro Color Change Kits come in packaging that can hook up to a power source for display. Users have the option to control the lights via their iPhone, Android phone, or a remote control keychain (three different SKUs). Kits come with 10 4-inch color-changing flex strips with peel-and-stick 3M tape, a wireless receiver, and an interlocking mounting strip. The kits will be in stock in 30 to 60 days, and StreetFX is accepting pre-orders.

StreetFX also now offers the Integrated LED license plate, which it claims is the only one on the market that lights up the plate itself. It retails for $79.

TechMount is the powersports partner of LifeProof, a San Diego manufacturer of a high-end iPhone case that’s waterproof and shockproof. It retails for $79.95. TechMount also offers the MotoClip for attaching the LifeProof case to any TechMount mount. The MotoClip retails for $24.95. TechMount also offers a GoPro mount that retails for $9.95.

Tecmate has three new accessories compatible with its line of OptiMate battery charger, hooking up in a likewise fashion to a vehicle’s battery. The OptiMate Flashlight and Battery Charge Check is a six-LED flashlight combined with a tool for checking the battery’s status and whether the vehicle’s charging system is working correctly.

The OptiMate USB Charger ($35.90 retail) allows riders to charge their USB-compatbile devices like smartphones and digital cameras using their vehicle’s charging system. The device comes with a 40-inch 12-volt cable with an SAE connector, along with a 40-inch USB cable and various adapters.

The Optimate Charge Now! is a device that hooks up to the battery and then flashes when a battery needs to be charged. Dealers could hook up the device to showroom vehicles so they know when they need to be charged.  

The Optimate Lithium is the company’s latest charger, in response to the growing popularity of lightweight lithium batteries like those made by Shorai (which also had a booth at the Tucker Rocky Dealer Show).

Trail Tech’s new 75mm Equinox LED lights draws 14 watts and outputs 45,000 candela at the center beam. Hardened-glass lenses and machined-aluminum bodies help the lights survive a rough ride. A single light retails for $189.95. A kit with two lights and a wiring harness retails for $384.95.

UK Pro makes cases for carrying GoPro cameras and their accessories. The company offers two single-camera cases: The POV 20 retailing for $44.99 and the POV 30 retailing for $54.99. The difference between the cases is that the latter comes with premium two-tone protective inserts (as opposed to the POV 20’s standard one-color ones) and a nylon strap with carabiner. Both cases measure 9.1 inches by 5.9 inches by 4.3 inches and come in black or white. The POV 50 is built for two cameras and retails for $129.99.

UK Pro also makes poles designed to hold GoPro cameras. All UK Pro products are made in San Diego.

The latest from Vision X is the Optimus light, a 10-watt LED auxiliary “long range” spotlight. An individual light retails for $129. A kit with two lights, a mounting bracket and a wiring harness retails for $249. Vision X says that because of a new design in reflector technology, the Optimus projects a light beam four times farther than any other single LED light that has ever been manufactured by Vision X.

Posted by Arlo Redwine