Tucker Rocky Show: Geigerrig water packs, never suck again


GRAPEVINE, Texas - You gotta love a company that has the official motto of “Never Suck Again.”

New to Tucker Rocky is the Geigerrig Hydration System, which is a new twist on an old product — the water pack. The twist? It’s pressurized.

Geigerrig’s RIG series of backpacks features the company’s hydration system — two bladders, one for air, one for liquid — that can be pressured via a pump bulb (like a blood pressure cuff). The allows the wearer to spray the liquid into his mouth via a long tube. Hence the motto.

When displaying the product to the assembled Tucker reps, company president Curt Geiger said it was developed by an avid outdoorsman who didn’t like the products currently on the market  -- the ones that need to be sucked on to get liquid. When you’re exerting yourself, huffing and puffing for air, it’s hard to suck in water, too.

Geiger likens it to the introduction of power-steering into automobiles. “You didn’t realized you needed it until you used it,” he said.

The product is available in three different size backpacks and 70 oz. or 100 oz. bladder capacities. The main liquid pouch has a wide opening that enables easy filling and cleaning. And there's no backwash in the drinking tube because of the constant pressure.

Available soon for the system is an inline filter that Geiger said will filter out just about all the nasty stuff a person wouldn’t want to drink if refilling outdoors.

While the system is already for sale at high-end sporting supply stores nationwide, this is the first time Geiger’s brought it to the powersports industry. The Geigerrig system is exclusively available through Tucker Rocky.