Tucker Rocky Show: Kendon goes off-road


GRAPEVINE, Texas – Kendon Stand-Up Trailers and Lifts president Frank Esposito says that while his company has always had great trailers and lifts, it never had something geared for dirtbikes — until now.

The MotoLift is designed specifically for off-roaders in that it not only lifts the bike, but elevate the wheels off the platform allowing for everything from basic maintenance to such work as removing both wheels. The lift can even be configured so that the rear wheel can be pivoted down for suspension or swingarm work.

Esposito — an off-road rider who has a professional shop setup in his garage — says he went to company founder Ken Thurm with a list of features he wanted to see in a lift. Thurm went to work and the MotoLift is the final result.

Like Kendon’s other products, the MotoLift can be folded up like an ironing board and stowed away.

The lift comes with safety tie-down straps that attached to four points on a bike to hold it stable for side-to-side movement and keep it steady front-to-back. The air-over-hydraulic jack allows the lift to be raised using an air compressor or via a manual pump.

The MotoLift retails for $995.