Tucker Rocky Show: Mucho makeover for Bel-Ray display, bottles


GRAPEVINE, Texas - If you know how to work branded vendor displays within your dealership, Bel-Ray may have a new setup — and a new bottle design — for you.

The company is also introducing a handful of new products.

The longtime supplier of motorcycle lubricants has designs on a new multishelf display that is a improvement on the typical plastic oil rack. The company had a prototype version of the new unit on display for those attending Tucker Rocky's Dealer Show over the weekend.

According to Bel-Ray sales rep Geoff Walters, the new display helps better strengthen the brand's presence and communicates its image better than past shelving. The company still hasn't established a buy-in cost for dealers, but says it will likely follow the system that Tucker Rocky follows (e.g. buy a certain dollar amount of product and get the display).

The company's new bottle designs should be available to dealers in the fall.

Productwise, Bel-Ray has released the new Moto Chill Racing Coolant, a non-toxic propylene glycol formula that's the company said is designed for better heat transfer and cooler running engines. In the lube department, there's the Friction Modified Thumper Racing 4T engine oil and Thumper Gear Saver transmission oil. Both are designed for use in the Honda CRF line.

Finally, Bel-Ray Works Thumper Racing Full Synthetic ester 4T engine oil is — as the name implies — formulated for use in full works competition bikes and is designed to withstand extreme racing conditions.

The company is inviting feedback from dealers on the new branded display. To do so call customer service at 732-938-2421 or send an e-mail to customerservice@belray.com.